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Are you having trouble with pests taking over your Mandurah Home? Mandurah, Western Australia is a beautiful place to live. Unfortunately, many pests like ants, termites, spiders and rodents like mice and rats, also think it’s a great place to live. Hopefully you will find our article “11 Tips to Keep Your Mandurah Home Pest Free” of some use with our do-it-yourself tips.

1. Inspect and Seal Cracks

Checking your Mandurah home’s perimeter for cracks and gaps is crucial to keep pests at bay. Take a stroll around your house, paying close attention to windows, doors, and where pipes enter.

Look for any openings that could be potential entry points for pests. These little gaps may seem insignificant, but they’re like open invitations for unwanted bugs and pests.

Regular inspections are a good idea. They help find and seal vulnerabilities. This safeguards your home against unwanted pests.

How to Fix Gaps

There are a few methods that can be used to fix the gaps around your Mandurah home, here are just a few suggestions.

  1. Install beads: For doors, windows, and wall to ceiling gaps. you can purchase small quarter round beads from your local hardware like bunnings. Tack nail them on and use a flexible silicone on both wall and door frame. This is a good long-term solution and gives the joint a better finish. Give it a coat of paint and you’re all done for a long-term fix to keep bugs out.
  2. Use flexible sealers: This is the simple fix and takes only a few minutes to complete the job to prevent pests entering through the gaps. Head down to your local hardware like bunnings and get some flexible sealers like silicone and squeeze into the gaps. This is a better solution around pipes and utility entry points where bugs love to enter.

2. Check for Leaks

Water leaks in and around our Mandurah homes can deter bugs, especially termites. Pests are attracted to damp, warm areas. Leaky gutters, downpipes, and water pipes can be problem areas.

Regularly check these areas for signs of leaks. Do this especially after it rains or storms. Fixing leaks quickly is important in keeping the area dry and preventing termites.

Termites like wet conditions. By getting rid of damp areas, you make your home less inviting to them. This is a practical way to keep pests away in Mandurah’s climate. It helps protect your home from unwanted bugs.

Fixing Your Water Leaks

As discussed, fixing water leaks to keep a dry environment is crucial to keeping pests at bay. When Pest Hunters WA inspect homes, this is one of the many things we look for. Here are a few ideas on how to fix these water leaks.

  1. Gutters and downpipes: Once you have found the leaks you will need to wait for some drier weather so you can fix them. Buy yourself some exterior gutter sealant from the hardware. Give the area a good clean and apply the sealant. Be sure to rub it directly into the crack or gap.
  2. Water pipes: Leaking water pipes are a bigger problem because they leak 24 hours a day, all year round. Gutters and downpipes leak less. frequently. Pest Hunters WA recommend that you engage a local plumber for water pipe leaks.

3. Maintain Landscaping and Gardens

Most of us love our Mandurah gardens, however they can be a problem for pests if not properly maintained and designed. We’re not saying to rip your gardens out but just be careful with garden bed placement and things like mulch. Here are a few gardening tips to prevent pests entering your home.

  • Garden design: So many landscape designs have garden beds up against walls. This is such a bad idea, especially for termite control issues. Try to design your outdoor areas with paving up to the walls and below the weep holes.
  • Choice of mulch: Whether your garden beds are up to the exterior wall or not. Still be careful with your choice of mulch. Some types of mulch will attract pests so talk to your local landscape supplier in Mandurah for advice about the most suitable mulch.
  • Reticulation: Most Mandurah homes have automatic reticulation systems. This is great for the garden, but if not designed correctly can be a problem for your pest control issues. Be sure sprinklers face away from you home to keep the area around footings dry. This will make it less appealing for pests particularly termites. Talk to one of Mandurah’s reticulation experts for advice.
  • Maintenance: Keep up to date with garden maintenance. Things like dead branches need to be removed as soon as possible. Regular pruning of trees and shrubs that can touch the home giving potential bridges for pests like ants. Once again, your local hardware has a great range of pruning shears. Otherwise talk to a Local Mandurah tree pruning service or gardener to get some advice or help.

4. Replace Flyscreens

Mandurah homes have flyscreens. Mandurah has lots of mosquitoes. Our local council sprays our estuarine system often to reduce numbers. Mosquitoes can cause serious diseases like ross river virus.

Flyscreens are delicate and should be replaced every few years. They develop holes and the strong Mandurah sun gradually damages them.

If you’re a handy person head down the hardware and purchase some new screens and the also the rubber to hold them in.

If you’re not so handy, Mandurah has several business that specialise in fly-screens. They would be more than happy to help you with replacement screens to keep out those nasty bugs.

5. Proper Food Storage

To prevent flies and ants from taking over your Mandurah home or business, store food properly. These small creatures are skilled at finding unattended sweet treats. Here are some ideas to keep them out of your home.

  • Use storage containers: Keeping re-useable foods in their original wrapping is not wise. Ants, flies, cockroaches and mice and rats are great at getting into open packets.
  • Mice and rats: Rodents will even eat through soft plastics and cardboard to get to your food. To keep pests out and stop attracting them, use glass jars and re-sealable plastic containers.
  • Keep Panty door closed: Such a simple little thing but not one we would think of. For obvious reasons keeping your pantry door closed will keep many pests away. Mice and Rats especially will be foiled by this little tactic to keep your home pest free.
  • Fruit storage: How many of us keep fruit in a bowl on the kitchen table. I’m guilty of this one. It looks so nice and healthy until a piece of fruit starts to rot and attract bugs and pests. Try keeping fruits in the fridge away from these little critters.
  • Use your Fridge: Only a few pests can enter your refrigerator. We must keep perishable foods in the fridge, as well as other less obvious foods. Things such as lollies in packets would be better in a container or in your fridge.

6. Regular Cleaning Habits

Cleaning regularly can be tedious, but it’s one of the best ways to keep your Mandurah home pest-free. Here are a few ideas to help keep the pests at bay.

  1. Regular vacuuming: Vacuuming or sweeping is a necessity to keep bugs and rodents at bay. I empty my vacuum every time I use it and its very surprising how many crumbs and dog and cat hair there is, and yes, our skin cells. So, you think it’s the crumbs that’s the issue. Guess again, some of these pests love to feast on our dead skin cells. Quite disgusting really. So, a regular vacuum around your Mandurah home is a great way to reduce pest numbers.
  2. Dirty Dishes: Many Mandurah homes have dishwashers these days. Once you finish with a dish put it straight into the dishwasher out of reach of pests. If you don’t have this luxury the wash dishes at regular intervals.
  3. Animal Bowls: Another one that I am guilty of is leaving cat and dog bowls after my pets have eaten. Next day the bowl is full of ants and flies. At least they share, heading back to the nest to tell all their mates. Try and wash pet bowls after your fury friends have eaten to avoid an ant and fly party.
  4. Keeping bins empty: An obvious one Is keeping inside bins empty. Yet another major attraction for all pests and rodents. Perhaps get into a habit of emptying your bins daily to remove the temptation for unwanted guests.
  5. Clean Surfaces: Dirty and crummy surfaces are a big reason why cockroaches and other pests are attracted to the Mandurah and Peel regions. Luckily, there are many surface cleaners available that are environmentally friendly. Make it a habit to regularly clean your surfaces to remove the things that attract pests in Mandurah.
  6. Clean kitchen appliances: When was the last time you took the tray out of the toaster? And how many times have you emptied it to be confronted by mouse or rat droppings? Empty the tray more often and perhaps keep the toaster in a sealed cupboard. The toaster is the main one, however there are many other appliances that need a regular cleaning.

7. Remove Wood-to-Soil Contact

Most people in Mandurah don’t think about fallen branches or any other type of timber. As we have mentioned earlier, termites absolutely love warm damp conditions. Add damp timber to the mix and it’s like sugar to them, and you’ve got problems.

Don’t leave any type of timber laying around on the ground as the termites will eventually find it. Store timber up off the ground and try to keep it dry. If you can’t keep it dry, then keep it well ventilated to keep the termites and other bugs away.

8. Keep Firewood Away

Winters in Mandurah and the Peel region can be cold at times. Hence with so many homes are equipped with the traditional fireplaces or pot belly stoves. They are a great addition to our Mandurah homes, but come with problems.

How many of us stack the firewood up next to the house? and how often do we get to the bottom of the stack before buying new firewood. That bottom area which could not move for years is going to be damp and a haven for termites.

Stacks of firewood are havens for so many pests, Termites, Ants, Spiders, and Cockroaches, as well as mice and rats.

  1. Away from walls: Find a better location for your firewood. Many Mandurah homes have big yards, perhaps build a small shelter which is well ventilated and keep the firewood in there.
  2. Keep it dry: You should keep your firewood dry. This will make it easy to light your fire next time. It will also help keep bugs away.
  3. Rotation: If you can’t do any of the above ideas, buy new firewood from your supplier and rotate the bottom row. Also give the area a good clean as you are rotating the pile.

9. Weep Holes

Some may not even know what a weep hole is, so I will give a brief description. They are holes in your exterior walls near ground level. The idea is to allow trapped water and condensation build up to weep out.

  • Where are they: Single-story brick homes have visible gaps near the footings. In brick walls, these gaps are often found in the mortar. In high-risk fire areas around Mandurah, these gaps are filled with plastic inserts in the mortar joint. These inserts have a flap that can be opened. In multi-story homes they are easy to spot, just above the floor levels on exterior walls
  • Keep them clear: Keep the soil level below the weep holes otherwise they won’t function correctly allowing moisture to build up.
  • Keep them clean: use a small rod or stick to clear them of soil an debris. If they are plastic, open the flap and do similar.

10. Install Ventilation

Back in the day brick homes in Mandurah had wall vents installed as standard practice. Unfortunately, that practice has disappeared. As a result, homes are now damp and vulnerable to termite attacks.

  • Install Vents: Your local hardware will have wall vents. If your handy you will have no problem installing them, otherwise enlist the help of a local Mandurah Handyman. I can’t stress enough the importance of wall vents to help keep your home dry and pest free. Good ventilation also helps prevent hazardous mould growth.
  • Keep them clean: Clean the vents regularly to remove dirt or debris buildup. This will help keep them functioning properly.

11. Regular Pest Control Inspections

We need to talk about getting your Mandurah homes inspected by Pest Hunters WA.

We are professionals who perform Pest inspections in the Mandurah area. We know what to look for and can spot potential problems. We can help solve these problems before they become expensive burdens.

Pest Hunters WA will inspect your property and give you a free quote for the pest control solutions that work best for you. You don’t have to hire them if you don’t want to.


I hope you found our article “11 Tips to Keep Your Mandurah Home Pest Free” interesting. You may have learned some ideas to keep your home in Mandurah free of pests. If your unsure of anything pest related, don’t leave it, it can turn into a financial burden.